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Hello From The Dachshund Barn!

Hello beautiful Dachshund lovers! For my first ever blog post I thought I would share a little bit about how The Dachshund Barn came to be, what started this journey, and why I

love it so much.

As a former Dental Hygienist I really stepped into my role of loving to help people, getting to know them, and building relationships with patients that have lasted years! At home I had the first taste of owning and loving my own little Dachshunds over the years. I thought how awesome would it be if I could take my love for Dachshunds, and my love for people, and join the two together? I knew that God had a special plan for me that would lead me to creating a business that provided people with adorable little Dachshund friends. That would also provide me the opportunity to raise and nurture my favorite little pups, and cultivate relationships with people who shared the same love for the breed. How can it get any better than that? So in 2019, those dreams became a reality and I started my journey to an endeavor that has brought me so much joy and satisfaction, and has created joy for other people and Dachshund puppies as well!

Today I have created a system in which I work closely with families and Dachshund puppies daily! Your potential future pup will be raised and so loved here with me and their mama until they reach 8 weeks old and are ready to go home to you, their forever home.

With this new blog, I plan to give updates and insights into the lives of these darling Dachshunds here at The Dachshund Barn, and of course some adorable pictures of them too! Thank you so much for visiting my site and reading my new blog post. There is so much for you to poke around at and discover such as 'available pups' and 'upcoming liters'! Stay tuned for future blog posts and updates! Thank you,

Misti Smith

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