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Welcome to our
Priority Waiting List
Our Priority waitlist is designed for those who
1. Are certain that 
they want a Dachshund Barn puppy.
2.  Have a certain, color, coat, pattern and gender combination in mind
3. Are willing to wait for the perfect puppy
4. Are ready to claim their puppy when one is presented to them

The Priority Waiting list is NOT for those that are just looking, not sure what they are looking for , when they will be ready for their puppy or who are looking at a few different breeders.
A $200 non refundable deposit is required to be on this list. Please fill out the information below, be as specific as possible. We will then contact you and, if we feel it's possible that we will have what you are looking for, you can then make your deposit via PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.

If you are not on the priority list but the regular non-paying waitlist you will still get emails informing you of available puppies however those emails will not include puppies that have already been adopted by those on the Priority Waiting list. 

By signing up for the Priority Waiting List you agree to the following conditions:

1) The $200 to be on the Priority list is non-refundable.
2. You will be notified when a puppy that fits your specifications becomes available. We will notify those in the order that the $200 fee is received. If Bobby and Sandy both want a cream girl, but Sandy sent her fee in first, then Sandy will get first choice.
3. Once contacted regarding a puppy, you will have 12 hours to decide if you want that puppy.
4. Once you make a decision on a puppy your $200 waiting list fee will convert to a non-refundable deposit for that puppy and goes towards the total purchase price.

Priority Waiting List

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